The Right Music for Your Customer

Restaurant music, hotel music, office music, even on hold music. Each has its own unique requirements. So we offer a diverse selection, from pop to jazz, standards to rock, or blues to classical, to keep your customers engaged, energised and entertained, while motivating your employees. We offer:

  • Low Monthly Fees (from 20 Euros per month)
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • With All Royalty Fees Covered
  • Designed for Business and Screened for Content
  • 100% Commercial Free.


We design programs from hits based, to those with broad appeal, to evocative retro sounds and unexpected niche genres. Our solutions are designed by experts who combine an incredible knowledge of music with a deep understanding of brands and consumer experience.


Music is one of the easiest ways to influence your customers perceptions of your business, offering a low cost method of differentiating your premises from those of your competitors.  Music can also be used to motivate employees, improve brand awareness, increase customer spending and maximise profit.  Music has the power to influence what type of product is purchased, how happy a customer feels about their experience of your business, how fast or slow a customer moves through your premises or eats and drinks in your premises, how patient they will be with delays and how soon they will return, if at all. It can also affect the motivation of your staff, and affect how well they deal with your customers. With this potential, there can surely be few businesses who should not at least consider whether music has a place in their premises.  Having decided that you want music in your business, the question then becomes why you should rent it from a music provider.

We have all of the necessary copyright licenses. This means that you can be sure of the legality of your music. We also offer reduced copyright music, for environments where recognised music is not a necessity and cost is a key consideration. Our studio team balance each track to avoid changes in volume level. They also remove silences from the start and end of tracks, and flag potentially offensive lyrics. Your system will only play such material if you have allowed it.  Any problems, our helpline is manned 8am till 8pm every day.

Taking a music contract means that you can fix the cost of your audio updates. Your staff can concentrate on their key role, rather than purchasing music. Renting also means that you do not incur the cost of purchasing music that will only be used for a limited period.  We can also meet your changing needs, whether that means an ultra-modern dance night or an OAP’s lunch party!  Our studio team also know the recent, current and future trends in music, ensuring that the mix of music is correct for your customers.


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