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Alongside Podcasting, Live Streaming is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for DJs putting out and consuming content. With venues, clubs and events all unfortunately closed, we need to take things online. The good thing is you won’t have to pay a door fee or pay ridiculously high drink prices.

Our Live Streaming is broadcast using Mixcloud Live, the first online streaming service to offer 100% legal streaming for DJs. So we don’t have to deal with any copyright takedowns, no streaming bans, and no audio muting.  Live DJ streaming enables us to uncover opportunities and get to know our most engaged fans and what they’re into.

Live streaming refers to broadcasting content that’s being simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time. There’s no better way to get in front of an audience, while providing an outlet for the audience to stay connected with one another.  Chat on Mixcloud Live is for legitimate viewers only. Logging in to chat means Mixcloud are able to stop spam, trolls and other inappropriate behaviour on Mixcloud.  Streams are available via both the iOS and Android apps. Anybody with the link to our stream on Mixcloud Live can view it, they don’t need to have a Mixcloud account. 

We do ask our audience to subscribe to directly support us, plus everyone involved in the making of the music in our shows, fairly and legally.

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