Mastering is the method of taking a final stereo mix and then additionally enhancing it further to make it ready for duplication, for downloads and/or for commercial use.

To enure the success of the process, you need to mix the tracks to the best of your ability and provide us with stereo files. Access to individual elements of the mix is limited if not impossible after the mix is complete. Therefore, it is always best and much easier due to the broad treatment of mastering to fix things at source rather than at the mastering stage.

Acid Bizarre mastering engineers will bring your album together as we skillfully use EQ, gain, and compression to give it a consistent sound from track to track. The same process also allows the mastering engineer to bring up the volume of your album overall, ensuring that it’s as great as can be, and give it an unbelievable sound.

We believe that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance, and we are entirely committed to meeting those needs. Acid Bizarre is based and works on that belief.  We are pleased with the results as a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals from those highly satisfied customers.  We are sure that no one else can supply the level of service for your tracks that Acid Bizarre provides for anywhere near the price that we offer.  And no matter where you are in the world, we consider you a local client.


Audio Requirements (for submission)

All files tequire to be 16, 24 bit wav/aiff files with a samplerate of 44.1khz or higher

Please ensure no limiters, compressors, EQ, exciters, stereo widening or any processing on the master channel, have been used (this is essential to achieve a great sounding master)

Please do not normalize your tracks when exporting

Please in general leave least 3db headroom and no clipping 0db.  Wav files that peak at 0db, are fine if there are no distorted flat spots in the wave.  Nothing should ever go over 0db on any channel of your entire mix.

If our requirements are not met you will be advised on how best to amend the problem and asked to resubmit your tracks for mastering.  This is to ensure that we give the best possible service and you receive the best sounding, hottest tracks possible.


System Features

  • We use a streamlined online mastering order process
  • Any file type or sound resolution catered for i.e. WAV, AIFF 16 / 24 bit etc
  • Our tailored mastering service, will cater for your unique music and tastes
  • Our mastering is always bespoke for each client, and for every track with no presets in sight
  • We will master your tracks in the highest resolution possible, and give them the most superior sound quality possible
  • All orders are completed in under 48 hours for single tracks, with up to 5 days for albums, and always to an extremely high standard
  • Pre mastering advice available is always available free. Just ask.
  • Our bulk discounts allow you to get tracks mastered for 10 Euros each.
  • We will always meet the given deadline. If you have special deadline requirements, please get in touch
  • Compact Disc mastering is available for both mixed, and unmixed albums on request
  • We offer a business phone line and 24 hour email support.

Receiving mastering projects via internet, allows us to produce work beyond normal office hours, and we avoid the pitfalls of having to schedule appointments with clients, This means you get your product more efficiently than many other mastering service providers. We will show you that good quality does not have to be expensive. I am sure you will agree that our rates for mastering your audio are very affordable and competitive at 10 to 15 Euros per track.  As we charge per track, with bulk discounts applied, and not by studio time or length of audio, you know exactly how much you can expect to pay up front. No other charges, taxes or hidden fees apply.


What We Do and Why

In simple terms we adjust the tone and space of your music. so that your album is consistent with what a great sounding record should sound like.  For your tracks to compete, I am sure you will agree that it is vital that your album CD can hold its own sonically as well as musically.  Our Mastering Service will create for you a seamless collection of your music that will sound great on radio, TV, in stores and most importantly in the home of the listener.

  • EQ – This is used to correct and enhance the content your mix
  • Mid / Side – We tighten the mono centre and widen the stereo image
  • Analogue – Used to add warmth and richness to the sound
  • Compression – This gives character and depth
  • Limiting – This increases loudness and solidifies the mix.  Your tracks will be made as loud as commercial recordings

Our sound engineeers are a fresh pair of highly experienced ears, that will attend to this final, and most important stage of your production work.

This all includes: Bass and Mid Management, Peak Limiting, Output Maximization, Input Maximization, Noise Reduction, Volume Level Of Tracks, Stereo Enhancement, Dynamic Expansion, Tonal Balance, Multi Band EQ, Compression, Program Compression, Normalization, Mastering Reverb, Track Sequencing and Fades. Plus Great Customer Service.


Benefits of Professional Mastering

Acid Bizarre only uses the highest quality equipment and software.  We use more than 200 high end plugins and the very latest and the very best professional software applications to ensure that you get the very best from your tracks

Although products such as Izotope Ozone have many merits, they still cannot compete with the results obtained by bespoke professional mastering

Our processes and technology will give you the final sound and required edge, to help you sell music, DJs will want to play it, as will the radio stations where it needs to be heard. All coming from the polished sound we can give to your recordings.

We ensure that your mastered audio will be more spacious, well balanced, more defined, and considerably louder in volume. We will assemble your tracks to sound like one coherent project and not just a collection of songs. You will notice that your music will have more punch, sheen, clarity, drive and smoothness.  We give you the big studio sound without the big studio price or hassle.


Album Mastering

Every piece of music that we master is assessed and carefully mastered based on its own individual needs. We know there are a lot of different types of electronic music and all genres have a different sound with different needs, and we have the wide experience to deal with all genre. We guarantee the same level of professional quality you would expect from a world class facility costing hundreds of pounds more, and will never compromise on the quality of your music.

  • We guarantee to give you a polished, consistent sound for your album
  • We provide an industry standard CD ready for replication and digital files for iTunes.



We have the experience and capabilities to inject new life into existing recordings and masters. With the advent of more advanced technology you can use modern mastering techniques to remaster masters to bring them up to today’s standards.  This is a speciality of ours.



We take our clients privacy extremely seriously.  Any information or audio you submit to Acid Bizarre will never be shared with any other companies or individuals. We respect you and your work, and understand the importance of privacy in today’s digital world.


For more details of our services contact us by Email: , or by using the online Contact Form.