Extend the lifetime of your memories! we will convert your VHS, and Vinyl Records to optical disk, CD; and digital files for as very little as 3.00 Euros per conversion.

We provide an audio conversion service allowing you to transfer your vinyl records, cassette tapes, and mini disks to CD or MP3. With every single play, vinyl records degrade, audio cassette tapes have a life span of 15 to 25 years. Magnetic media has a very limited life span and priceless sounds and images are in danger of being lost. We can convert your records and tapes to CD or MP3 or MD.

Convert Vinyl to CD MP3

A vinyl record is best prior to its first playing and deteriorates thereafter. The speed and effect of such deterioration can be debated but the fact remains, vinyl is delicate. If you have records that are not available on CD or MP3 then we can help you transfer them to CD, MP3 or a format of your choosing.  We are vinyl and tape lovers so you can be assured of a high quality transfer on only the very best hi fi equipment. Each CD gets marked with simple, easy-to-read identification, then stored in a paper sleeve..  All prices include two stage noise reduction.


Conversion Process

All records are played on high quality record decks. At a high level the process is, the audio is run through a high end amplifier and graphic equalizer and fed directly into a computer via a professional sound card. Once the audio is captured to the computer we further process the audio to remove any pops, clicks and crackles (this is optional) and the end result is subject to our own stringent quality control and finally converted to CD or MP3 as per your requirements. Finally the recording is split into any individual tracks and named accordingly.

The process converts the analogue recording of LP’s, into digital format separating each track and removing silence from the beginning and end. The noise floor (the level of background unwanted noise)  is analysed prior to recording. Software and direct to disc digitizing techniques are used to produce perfect reproductions of the original recordings. This produces tones exactly like the original. Noise elimination is then made much easier. We listen to each track during the digitizing process to identify any differences between tracks in terms of noise, scratches and hiss. Finally each digitised track is checked before passing to the noise elimination process.

Each digital track is passed through 6 filters to reduce crackles, pops, hiss and any other unwanted noise. To complete this process we set filters, depending on the type of recording. The process has to take into account low and high frequencies that the recording contains. Subsequently any distortion or clipping is noted, the filters adjusted and the process rerun. A computer and advanced software combination produce the best sounds with noise either eliminated or reduced to the level to be mostly inaudible. The final restored product is then checked by a sound engineer and passed for mastering to CD.

Vinyl Album to CD/MP3 Price List

1 Album  = 8.00 Euros

1 Single  = 4.00 Euros

+ Delivery Charges


Transfer Audio Cassette Tape to CD or MP3

We can transfer your audio cassette tapes to digital CD or MP3, this gives you easy access to the recordings and more importantly preserves the content on the tapes. Every cassette to CD transfer gets marked with simple, easy-to-read identification, then stored in a paper sleeve.

Audio cassette tapes have an expected life span of 15 to 25 years when stored in ideal conditions, after this point the quality of the recording and the tape itself will start to degrade. Any tapes manufactured before 1996 should be preserved through the transfer to a digital format such as CD or MP3 or they may be lost forever.  Virtually all of the magnetic tape ever recorded older than as little as 10 years may be in serious jeopardy. The threat comes from several sources, but the largest threat is chemical in nature, coming from the breakdown of the binder, or glue, that holds the magnetic particles to the polyester base of tape.

Conversion Process

It begins with a general scrutiny of the tape to examine for injury. The cassette tape is played in a broadcast quality Hi-Fi cassette deck, maintained on a daily basis,  which is connected to a amplifier and graphic equaliser which is then fed into the sound card of a computer. Once captured we process the audio to improve the quality of the recording by removing background noise and interference. The audio is then split into the individual tracks and named accordingly. Each CD gets marked with simple, easy-to-read identification, then stored in a paper sleeve.

Your audio is never down converted, and your newly mastered CDs are crisp and clear, ensured by the use of digital dubbing.  Using noise reduction technology, we only preserve what you should hear, and eliminate what you shouldn’t.  Our processes ensure that you will enjoy superior audio quality, plus lots of added flexibility not possible from competitors, many of whom only offer a direct-to-CD service.

Cassette Tape to CD/MP3 Price List *


Up to 120 Minute Tape with all tracks split

Cost per tape = 10.00 Euros

Up to 120 Minute Tape without track splitting

Cost per tape = 8.00 Euros

+ Delivery Charges


Mini Disc (MD) LP or SP to CD/MP3 & Price List*

We offer a range of delivery formats for audio transfer including Broadcast WAV (B-WAV) files on hard drive or optical media (CD) at 16 bit/44.1 KHz (commonly used for CDs), 24 bit/96 KHz (the minimum recommended archival standard) and anything up to 24 bit / 192 Khz.

Standard play (SP) minidisc recordings, Long Play (LP) and Hi-MD are all catered for and of course are transferred digitally without an extra digital to analogue and analogue to digital, DA-AD, conversion process.

1 MD = 7.00 Euros + Postage & Packing Cost

* Note: If your item runs over 80 minutes (which is the time limit on a conventional audio cd disc) It may ‘spill’ over onto a second or third disc. These are charged at a nominal 3.00 Euros per audio disc.


How to place an order

Simply send us an email to karsten@acidbizarre.berlin. We can advise you on the best and safest way to get your records or tapes to us. Once your records or tapes arrive we will be in touch with an order reference number and an estimated timescale for your order.  If you have any questions please send an email to: karsten@acidbizarre.berlin

If you have any queries regarding the packaging or getting your records or tapes to us please contact us and we can advise you on the safe and secure way to transport your vinyl/tapes to us.