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Acid Bizarre plays the widest range of dark alternative music in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our mission is to bring you the widest selection of 80’s & 90’s dark classics, as well as the underground releases of today from the Goth, Darkwave, Industrial and Dark Alternative genres.

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Acid Bizarre (Berlin) aims to give the ultimate Schwarze Szene alternative music experience.

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Dark Alternative Radio: Dark Electro; Aggrotech; Hellectro; Industrial; Electro-Industrial; EBM; Power Noise; Darkwave; Coldwave; All Varieties of Goth; Punk; Berlin Underground; Hard Techno; Futurepop; Synthpop. Music 24/07/365.


Acid Bizarre aims to showcase the latest and best in alternative-electronic music. The most current and highest quality industrial, EBM, aggrotech, dark electro, and gothic music, plus all the best from our archives.


The world has seen a massive increase in the amount of DJ sets streamed to the internet. With clubs across the world shutting their doors and artists staying home, we have taken to sharing our creative expressions via livestream.

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We believe that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance, and we are entirely committed to meeting those needs. Acid Bizarre (Berlin) is based and works on that belief.

Music Rental

We design programs from hits based, to those with broad appeal, to evocative retro sounds and unexpected niche genres. Our solutions are designed by experts who combine an incredible knowledge of music with a deep understanding of brands and consumer experience.

Music Sourcing

Our Sourcing business is about using our experience to help other businesses use music in the most beneficial way possible. This Acid Bizarre Service works across a number of music genre, providing the right match for your musical needs.

Music Branding

What does your brand sound like? The importance of music in branded environments is often underestimated. Emphasis is often placed on look, but how you sound plays a critical part in appealing to today’s brand and lifestyle conscious customers.

Audio Mastering

Our mastering engineers will bring your album together as we skillfully use EQ, gain, and compression to give it a consistent sound from track to track. The same process also allows the mastering engineer to bring up the volume of your album overall, ensuring that it’s as great as can be, and give it an unbelievable sound.

Audio Restoration

Acid Bizarre delivers high quality, digitally restored sound on your choice of format, no matter what the original source may be. We provide affordable services, tailored to meet your needs. No more noise, no more scratches, clicks or pops. Just a clear and clean recording. Heal the scars of time your music is showing.

Audio Conversion

We provide an audio conversion service allowing you to transfer your vinyl records, cassette tapes, and mini disks to CD or MP3. Vinyl records degrade, audio cassette tapes have a life span of 15 to 25 years. Magnetic media has a very limited life span and sounds are in danger of being lost. We can convert your records and tapes to CD or MP3 or MD.

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Our Latest Publications & Episodes

Are you interested in listening to extraordinary dark alternative music?

Dark Desires

Dark Alternative, Music Podcast by Makarova. Date: 13th July, 2015. “Schwarze szene” [STALINGRAD CALLING v1.0]

[#gothic, #makarova, #goth, #gothicrock, #schwarzeszene]

[02:11:53; 320 kbps; 301 MB; v1.0]

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Bella Lugosi’s Dead

Dark Alternative, Music Podcast by Cyberella Bizarre. Date: 20th May, 2015. “Schwarze szene”

[#gothic, #cyberellabizarre, #goth, #gothicrock, #schwarzeszene]

[03:59:54; 320 kbps; 548 MB; v1.0]

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Berlin At Night (vol. 02)

Berlin Underground Techno: “Berlin At Night (Terminus)”; Music Podcast by Fate Rane. Date: 27th April, 2021.

[#berlintechno, #undergroundtechno, #dietechnogruppe, #techno, #faterane]

[2:36:09; 320 kbps; 357MB; v2.0]

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